Rainier2D2 Socks


These are the socks you're looking for.

We don't think we've beaten this design to death yet so we figured we'd make some wool socks to match your T-Shirt, Coozie, Stickers and Patches.
Same Rainier Themed Bot we all know and love but on a sock.
Available in L/XL only.
Mens: 9-13
Womens: 10-14

What SockGuy has to say about these :
Our Wool socks and arm warmers are made from 75% TURBOwool, a superior blend of 50% polypropylene and 50% Merino wool, which provides five times the strength and durability of Merino wool alone. Shrink-resistant and itch-free, these socks will keep feet dry and warm in all weather conditions.
Our wool socks & arm warmers feature:
• Superior wicking and durability
• TURBOwool deluxe wool blend is 5x stronger than Merino wool alone
• Year-round performance: warmer in winter; cooler in summer