Beep Bop Boop Patch


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A long time ago (May the 4th)
On a bike ride far away (Bellingham)
Hodala Nat's birthday ride debuted this little gem of a bot. The brave people who actually attempted Nat's "Taint Tuff" were rewarded with a shirt and sticker that quickly became the envy of (at least) 16 people.

We've recreated it in patch form so you too can add it to your jean jacket, backpack or your pile of patches that youhavegoodintentionsofusingbutjusthaven'tbeenabletogetaroundto and prepare yourself for a lifetime of Hi5s

3 1/2" tall
Available alone...or as a "Pong"

(Pong was one of the first multiplayer games I figure more than on Bot could be called a Pong of Bots)